La Estación dispone de Cajero automático dispensador de billetes, operativo durante las 24 horas de apertura de la estación.

Se encuentra localizado en la entrada principal de la estación, frente al puesto de información.

Perteneciente a la red EURO6000 y con la garantía de ATM firma europea de gran prestigio.




For users who want to store then luggage at the station have 24 hours access with adpated lockers to differents sizes. Our staff will provide the loker that best suits your needs.

The prices at October 14, 2013 are as follows: 

Normal office: 3.20 € 

XXL Box office: 4.70 € 

If your bag does not fit consign it manually and using the dimensions or weight of it for 5€ at the box office. 

To purchase the record automatically or manually ask at the information booth during the daytime and at night the Rangers Security Alicante Bus Station so you can use them for 24 hours

The bus station of Alicante has a Fotomatón, and not have to search for your photos when you touch the renewal card or you can make a fun group photos where printed leave your trip to the city of Alicante.

The station's coffe, is located on the top floor in the waiting area and ticket sales, is open 24 hours a day.

Here you can enjoy a variety of:

- Snacks and cold sandwiches and Hot

- Plates and Covers

- Freshly baked Pastries

- Coffee

- Drinks, Sodas, juices and smoothies

- Combination Plates

- Beers and spirits

A wide range of freshly prepared in your kitchen.


 With the quality of:

lile services at Alicante's Station we have 2 phones, the first of which is located at the main entrance of the station facing information and the second on the top floor next to the station cafe.

For those who are traveling and need to recharge the battery of your mobile phone, Alicante Bus Station has available for his customers for free 2 fast battery chargers allow you to continue your journey with your mobile recharged ... may do at the main entrance which is located the first one or on the top floor

In each of the rooms of the station you will find vending machines that during 24 hours we will provide the service you need at Cold drinks, ice cream, juices, snacks, nuts, coffee .... and all from leading brands.

At any time you can make the purchase of your ticket in the machines movelia.es Auto Sales that remain in operation for 24 hours a day and made ​​the sale to companies:


among other Novelda, Monovar, Elda, Elda, Villena, Alcoy, Ibi, Catalla, Onil, Torrellano, Elche, Crevillente .... and so on


Madrid, Oviedo, Sevilla, Granada, Almeria, Murcia, Malaga, Valencia, Castellón, Barcelona, Benidorm, Villajoyosa, Callosa, Denia, Calpe ... among many others


Jaen, Caravaca, Ubeda ...

The self-sale machines in Alicante station, are the latest generation and feature the latest technology to facilitate the purchase of your ticket.


Accept bills, coins and credit cards.


There are vending machines in each station interior rooms in order to avoid unnecessary queuing.



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